T-shirt Sublimation Printing

We specialize in T-shirt sublimation printing.

We can do any sublimation printing job on any t-shirt you privide us, or we provide the suitable t-shirts for your needs. The t-shirts should be at least 50% polyester composition. We cannot do any sublimation printing process on 100% cotton because the chemical composition on the cotton does not take sublimation gas onto the substance.

The sublimation process can be done virtually on any material has polyester composition. We can print any image on hats, bags, shirts, clothings, jersey, or anything if is made of polyester or more than 50% of polyester composition.

Please let us know your project. Even it is a small task, we try to make it happens because we want to create a long term relationship with you.

First, please give us a call to explain your project.

Second, send us your graphics. The graphic should be in the format of PDF, PSD, JEPG, PNG, or any format we can open in Photoshop. Also, the graphic should be big enough to cover the whole printing area of the shirt.

Third, if you have a sample of the clothing or fabric, please send us through Fedex or UPS. As soon as we receive it, we will print and send it back to you promptly. You can send your sample clothing, T-shirts, or fabric to our business address.

           Atten: Ken Lee, 3130 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 290A, Los Angeles, CA 90006, phone number 323-731-6886

           Please make some note and comment on your project.

Fourth, if you like the sample we sent you, you can place order. You send all the clothing or fabric to us. We will arrange the payment, production lead time, and shipping with you.

 Note: The quality of the fabric and T-shirts are vary as well as price. You need to choose right fabric and shirt for your project. The merit of sublimation is that you can create any design and any resolution on your project, so you may consider to invest a little more on the clothing, and enhance the value. 50% polyester and 50% cotton may be good but rough and will be faded. We recommend you have some spandex or other composition with polyester that makes more smooth and natural.

Printing Process

We specialize in sublimation printing. Sublimation printing offers you the most dramatic effect in graphics that can display any details you want to express on the printing. Fabrics for the sublimation printing should be 50/50 or be made of more than 50% polyester composition in order to penetrate the ion gas into the synthetic material of the fabric. This gives you a very soft and tight fitting feeling. Compared to generic box style of printing, wet print or silk screening, sublimation printing is a more enhanced printing technique, more colorful and more image intensive, in very cost-effective mass production.


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