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We have more than 20 years of cut and sew experience as a private label service. We can produce any style of clothing. From the initial stage of design to the final product, we will coordinate with you in all the important decision making processes. We are a one stop production company that can make garments and print per your request. You will save lots of time and valuable assets by using our reliable services.


Quality control is the most important factor in any garment production. We offer you in-house quality control to make sure you get the best quality in the final product that you wish for.


Domestic production, Made in the USA, has many benefits:

1. Creating local jobs

2. Producing high quality garments by direct quality control and supervision

3. A flexible and short production time

4. Modification and addition of design available in any stage of production

5. High quality garments made by American workmanships

6. You have the highest pride, MADE IN USA


The production of any garment in the US will be the most cost-effective way to make the best quality clothing with pride. We will do it for you.



Production Process


      We provide you a comprehensive garment production service including design, pattern making, shrinkage test, sampling, cutting, sewing, sublimation printing, dying, and fabric supply. You just let us know what you want, and then we will give you a very direct and cost effective solution for your needs. We make whatever your task simple and effective! 



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