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Private Label Service Los Angeles


We have been serving our valued clients for more than 20 years in private label garment service in Los Angeles. For a small and large apparel company, this private label service is essential due to the pace of production and the rapid changes of fashion trends.


We fully understand what the clients want to have their product without the burden of production and many related time and money consuming procedure. We set up the system to accommodate their needs and desire to not only to catch the upmost fashion but also to be more competitive in price point.


ActtisWonderSublimationPrinting will always be your sincere partner to grow up together, not just to pursue one side party’s profit. We are a very fair and open business entity.



What We Can Offer You


1. Design, pattern and sampling

If you are a small company or talented individual who wants to make your own line of clothing, it will be very difficult to find the necessary fabrics, create a pattern, and make a fitted sample. We, ActtisWonderSublimationPrinting, will do the job for you. You may provide us an initial sketch, picture or any sample of clothing, and we will make an exact replica before your real production.


2. Small and large quantity production

After your approval of the prototype of the sample, we can move to small or large quantity production. The lead time will be very depending on the quantity, availability of the fabric, and level of quality you expect. Normally, after we get the delivery of the fabric, it will take approximately 4 week for up to 10,000 pieces of products.


3. Competitive price

Many garments are imported from regions of Asia and South Central America. However, our entire finish products are made in the United States. Many people think that imported garments are cheap. In fact, comparing quality, availability, and quality control to products made in the United States, the US made products have relatively great price benefit in long time usage and higher pride perception. We will provide the best price for the product.


4. Quality control and quality guarantee

When we do real production, we do quality checks in all stages of production. We also do quality control for the finish product. Also, before we send out the products to our designated recipient, we do final quality control such as trimming, measurement, color way inspection, label attachment and location, and shrinkage control. We make sure any products we make are high quality finish products to meet your higher expectations. We also guaranty if we have any defective product or below normal tolerance, we will give you a full refund or credit toward to your total cost.


5. Conclusion: turnkey service

We will add your own label and content label per your specifications. From woven label to cotton label, from bulk packaging to individual packaging, we will do any task for your needs. Most of the custom label and packaging is free of charge. However, if you want to have very specific items or individual packaging services, we will charge you the actual cost without any additional charges as a courtesy.

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